Optometrist and owner of Ladybrook Eyewear, Sarah Lowry Dip OptLadybrook Eyewear (30)

I always imagined working in healthcare of some kind, but originally, I wanted to be a vet. I had considered training as a doctor, but it was only when I got talking to an optician that I really considered it and realised it would be a perfect job for me.

I have a special interest in helping children with Down's Syndrome since being involved in the Down's Syndrome Vision Research Unit at Cardiff as an undergraduate.

I trained in Hospital Optometry, and then worked for one of the big companies. In the years that followed my love of travel took me to New Zealand and Trinidad to work for independent opticians. On my return to the UK, I worked as a freelance optician, for big, well-known companies, and some independent opticians. I didn't enjoy working in a corporate environment, and more and more, I wanted to have my own place. The different experiences I gained working in varied environments taught me much about what makes a great opticians practice, and what to avoid.  I essentially created the job I wanted to do, and it couldn't be better!

We stock the most fabulous frames I could find so that people could really love their glasses. So many people had a bad experience of getting glasses when they were young and don't feel that they suit them. We want to change their minds. We try to fit the person to the lenses they need, by finding out more about them and their lifestyle.

Why Bramhall?

I grew up in Poynton and my family have businesses in Bramhall, so it’s the perfect area for LadyBrook Eyewear.  Our block of shops is all very friendly and we strongly support each other, it's always nice to see them visit my place, as I do theirs.

I was chosen as the local optician for Sunrise Senior Living and often do domiciliary visits for the residents there.