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Young girl choosing glasses


We take special care of our young patients to ensure healthy vision and development.


Children see the world in a different way, and we readily adapt our practises to help them relax. We take special care to keep your child calm, whether that’s by spending that extra time to talk to them about their day, or to put them at ease by playing their favourite music.

We work closely with the local Orthoptic clinics to help children overcome their eye problems in a fun, relaxed, friendly environment. A visit to us is generally less stressful for children than going to hospital. Often, children we have referred are discharged back to us early, because the local hospital clinics trust us to monitor their care.

As long as they fit, we will always back the child’s choice of frame for their glasses. For us, if the child likes their glasses, they will want to wear them, so we strongly believe they should have an input into the frames they choose. Even if they are bright green and don’t match anything, they have to love them!

Little girl trying on glasses


How good is your child’s vision? Has it ever been tested? Many people don’t realise that children’s examinations are covered by the NHS so not only is there no charge to you but NHS also contributes towards the cost of any glasses if needed. It’s a vital health check that can mean detection and management of many eye conditions which may otherwise go unnoticed. The school check is only a basic screening test and not a full examination so many conditions will not be picked up during this.

Children learn to cope with whatever vision they have and may not realise that they don’t see as well as their peers, or if only 1 eye is not seeing the child may never mention it.

Many problems such as amblyopia (“lazy eye”) or a squint may not be possible to treat beyond the age of 7, so it is vital that all children have regular sight tests.

Young boy having an eye examination
Young child having an eye examination


We are happy to be able to fit even young children with contact lenses that are comfortable and safe for them to use. Many children prefer not to use glasses and our range of contact lenses means there’s a great alternative. Myopia control contact lenses are included in our selection and Ortho K lenses, which are an amazing new type of lens that you wear while you sleep to correct your vision for the next day.  

Young boy wearing glasses

We have a wide selection of children’s frames and also stock TOMATO glasses which can be customised to fit different nose bridges. With an extensive range of children’s glasses we can be sure to find something they will love to wear!

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