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Nearly everyone can wear contact lenses and there are different lenses to suit all different lifestyles. These can be soft contact lenses or gas permeable hard lenses. They can be monthly lenses, 2 weekly lenses or daily disposables. There are even lenses that you can sleep in overnight! Speak to a friendly member of our team if you would like more information and we can book you in for an assessment

Lady Inserting a contact lens


With new lens technology and fitting techniques, almost everyone can now wear contact lenses comfortably and safely. We understand that everyone chooses to wear contact lenses for different reasons and we do our best to make sure each patient gets exactly what they’re looking for. With the help of our expert team and a wide range of lens types, you’ll be enjoying everything contact lenses have to offer in no time.  

Woman inserting a contact lens


You can choose from a selection of lenses designed to suit different lifestyles and eye types. Most lenses come in a monthly or a daily replacement modality but we do also have annual gas permeable contact lenses.


There are also plenty of specialist lenses for different kinds of prescriptions and specific eye conditions. This includes myopia control lenses and Ortho K contact lenses, which correct vision while you sleep. These specialist lenses allow everyone to have the opportunity to wear contacts that are perfect for them.  

Man inserting a contact lens
Contact Lens care


During a contact lens fitting we will check what prescription you require. We will check the health of your eyes and we will talk to you about the different lens options available and will select what works best with your lifestyle. You will also get the opportunity to try some lenses and your optometrist will teach you how to wear them and how to take them out. If they are reusable lenses you will also be given advice on how to clean and look after your lenses. After the fitting process is complete, your optometrist will recommend how frequently you need to return for your check-ups.

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