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At Ladybrook Eyewear, we want you to really love your glasses. Come and choose them in our fun, relaxed, and friendly environment, here in Bramhall.


We think that there is a pair of glasses to suit everyone, no matter what your face shape, and whatever lifestyle you lead. We have a wide choice of spectacle frames in stock, from subtle rimless to wild bright colours, one for every personality.


We handpick our selection of eyewear to make sure every one of our clients will find something they love.


Our eclectic range of frames includes options from amazing brands like Wolf, Face a Face, Orgreen, Tom Ford, Morel and Nifties. With many unique styles and specialist glasses, you’ll be able to find something that’s just you.

We also stock high quality brands that are exclusive to independent practices which cannot be found at the multiples such as our classy, elegant EQUAL range as well as our eclectic, fun Project 100 range.

Man wearing Tom Ford sunglasses


To get the right pair of spectacles, you need time to tell us about what you do. Getting the prescription correct is only one part of it – getting it made into the right pair of lenses is an art.


Do you need varifocals, reading glasses or office lenses? Do you need a special filter for your hobby of glass-blowing? Do you need thinner lenses or is it not worth paying the extra? We don’t have targets, we don’t upsell.  


We want you to have the perfect pair of glasses so that you leave happy, come back to us next time, and share your great experience with others.

Woman wearing sunglasses
Man wearing prescription sunglasses


Included in our range are prescription sunglasses and a variety of sports eyewear. Prescription sunglasses are a great way to enjoy clear vision outdoors while still protecting your eyes from the sun. Stylish sunglasses are great, but with quality lenses as well you get a range of benefits like increased comfort and UV-light protection.


With our sports eyewear, you can enjoy the same quality as professional athletes, with eyewear that is specifically designed for a wide variety of sports and activities including swimming and skiing.  

Lady wearing glasses

As the perfect complement to our amazing range of frames, we stock the best spectacle lenses available to complete your look and provide you with optimal vision. With a range of coatings and aesthetics, you can choose which lenses are right for you.  

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