Ladybrook Eyewear (5)At Ladybrook Eyewear, we want you to really love your glasses. Come and choose them in our fun, relaxed, and friendly environment, here in Bramhall.

We think that there is a pair of glasses to suit everyone, no matter what your face shape, and whatever lifestyle you lead. We have over 600 spectacle frames in stock, from subtle rimless to wild bright colours, one for every personality.  Our prices start at £50 including lenses for our fantastic budget range, going up to £1200 for the exclusive gold plated, Swarovski Crystal Flair range, and everything in between.

Ladybrook Eyewear (36)Personal service

To get the right pair of spectacles, you need time to tell us about what you do. Getting the prescription correct is only one part of it – getting it made into the right pair of lenses is an art. Do you need varifocals, reading glasses or office lenses? Do you need a special filter for your hobby of glass blowing? Do you need thinner lenses or is it not worth paying the extra? We don't have targets, we don't upsell.  We want you to have the perfect pair of glasses so that you leave happy, come back to us next time, and share your great experience with others.

We see, and give specialist advice to people who do a whole range of sports – from Tai Kwan Do to rugby and golf.  Can we help improve your golf?  Do you have difficulty driving at night?  Do you struggle with glare when you're skiing?  Our expertise and extensive range of options will find the right solution for you.

Ladybrook Eyewear (18)Many of our clients have very demanding jobs, and require their visual correction to enhance their working life, not hinder it. We also do a lot of specialist fittings, from private low vision aids, to glasses specifically designed for children with Down's Syndrome.