We are here to help.

We are writing to you because you would have been due an appointment before or during the coronavirus lockdown. An easing of lockdown measures means that we are now able to see patients for their normal eyecare again.
However, as you can imagine, this unprecedented situation has created quite a backlog, and we have made operational changes to minimise close contact and enable strict disinfections and PPE procedures. As a result, we are unable to attend to as many people as we previously could each day.
Therefore we have temporarily decided to prioritise those with the greatest need. So, if you have any concerns about your eyes or vision, or if you feel you would like/need new glasses or contact lenses, please get in touch and we will see you at the earliest available appointment. However, if you are not currently experiencing any issues with your eyes or vision, then we ask that you bear with us, we will get to you as soon as we are able to.
For the time being, we are operating on an appointment only basis. This allows us to control footfall into the practice and to give you our undivided attention, whilst ensuring social distancing can be observed.

To enable examination in a more physically distanced way, we are also advising that having retinal scans and photography is not only better for your ongoing care but also reduces the time we have to spend in close proximity. This is an optional top up that we have been doing for well over 2 years so many of you will be aware of the benefits already. We are also introducing our new Ladybrook Eyewear iSave scheme. As we have had no choice but to slightly increase our appointment charges due to the financial constraints of social distancing and sterilisation, this will give you discounts off these full comprehensive examinations and your glasses and other benefits. You will find details about the isave scheme here:


If you would like to see us or need any advice, you now have more ways of contacting us:
Telephone: 0161 439 6867
Text / WhatsApp: 07428 582 113
Email: [email protected]